How can I commission a painting?

First and foremost if your inquiring about having me paint something special, you like my style of paintings. 

Commonly asked Questions?

  • What size would you like your painting to be?
  • Do you feel strongly that certain colors or shades of color should be included in the painting? If so be sure to let the me know.
  • What is your budget? Be honest with yourself. If your budget is tight let the me know. I may be able to work with you to let you know how to decrease your costs.
  • What is your deadline?


The price of the commission depends more or less on the square footage of the painting and medium. Also the complexity of the imagery and time will be calculated in the final price. I usually ask for half up front before I get started. I have done commissions for less than what I would normally charge, simply because I was excited about the idea of the painting.

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