Workshops and Demos 

February 2017

Painting With a Limited Palette in Watercolor  

Free Demo - Saturday February 4th / 1 - 2:30pm
Workshop - Saturday February 25th / 10 - 4:30pm 
Daniel Smith Seattle $100  Call to sign up today! (206) 223-9599

Watercolor can be daunting at times, looking down at your white paper and a palette full of colors. Try to just use a few colors to spur your imagination and get stated. A limited palette is one of the easiest way to really learn to mix color and not be so concerned with mixing the perfect color but see color as value and temperature. Learn to us primaries and compliments to create dynamic paintings.

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April 2017

Acrylics 101 

Demo - Saturday April 22nd 11-12:30
Workshop - Saturday May 13th 10 - 4:30pm Daniel Smith Seattle $100 Call to sign up today! (206) 223-9599

Learn the mixing basics with a simple fruit still life. Learn to lay down confident strokes. See color as value, see shapes and not the actual object. These techniques will help you get stated in creating a beautiful painting.

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May 2017

Seattle Waterfront in Watercolor 

Demo - Saturday May 27th 11 - 12:30
Workshop - Saturday June 3rd 10 - 4:30pm Daniel Smith Seattle $100 Call to sign up today! (206) 223-9599

The Seattle waterfront is beautiful and diverse, everything from the boardwalk to the port. There is plenty of inspiration, create a mood using warms and cools and plenty of texture to paint a beautiful scene.

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