"Maestro Che" 

I has been teaching art in all mediums since the early 2000's, I am a graduate of Cornish Collage of the Arts in Seattle, where I received my Bachelor in Fine Arts. I have worked as an Animator, Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Web Designer for local and international companies since graduating High School. I was also Head Boxing Coach and owned Team Eastside MMA in Redmond for 10 years until its closing in 2014. I bring all that experience with me when teaching young and old in multiple disciplines in art. Many of my students have gone on to Cornish Collage of the Arts, University of Washington, Western & Eastern Washington Universities and Digi-Pen to pursue an art career with a few receiving scholarships. 

Looking for help with your portfolio? We can work together to build an amazing first impression with a top notch portfolio. 

Private Instructor /  Portfolio Advisor  

I have 20+ Years of experience in teaching Oils, Pastels, Acrylics, Watercolor and Animation, both digitally and traditional. I have worked as a Traditional Cell Animator, Graphic / Web Designer, Conceptual Artist, Commission Artist and Boxing /MMA Coach. With my broad knowledge in the arts I can guild you in creating a top notch portfolio for art school or any art program in collage. I have helped students ( some receiving scholarships ) portfolios,  that have gone to DigiPen, Cornish Collage of the Arts, Seattle Art Institute, University of Washington and many others. 

Please contact me for availability.

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